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Second Chances will gladly accept items to sell on consignment by our fellow community members.  Here are some things to remember:

-Each item must be in good condition and priced at a minimum of $15.  No groupings please.

-Consignment will last for 4 months from the drop-off date.  Consigned items may be withdrawn at any time, but if not removed by owner after the four month period, items will be donated to Second Chances.

-After 60 days the price will be reduced by 20 percent.  After 90 days, the original floor price will be reduced by 50 percent.

-Payments due to owners will be made by the 16th of the month after the item has sold.

-Second Chances is not responsible for loss or damage to consigned items.

-Consigned items must be delivered by the owner.  Second Chances will not pick up consigned items.

-Second Chances shall receive 50 percent of the sale price for which consigned items are sold.

-When bringing more than 10 items, please call ahead.